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Life After Birth

Submitted by Marjana on Mon, 06/08/2012 - 18:11
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Two unborn babies spoke in their mother’s belly. One of them was a believer and another was a disbeliever.

“Do you believe in life after birth?” the disbeliever baby asked.

“Yes, I do. It is obvious that there is life after birth. We are here to become stronger and ready for the afterlife,” answered the believer baby.

A disbeliever said, “It is stupid! There is no life after birth! How can you imagine such a life?”

“I cannot imagine everything in details but I believe that there will be plenty of light and that we will be able to walk ourselves and eat with our mouths.”

“What nonsense!” A disbeliever dropped a hint of doubt. “It is impossible to walk and eat yourself! This is ridiculous! We have a navel cord feeding us. What I want to tell you… hardly is there a life after birth; our navel cord is already very short.”

“I am sure it is possible,” replied a believer baby. “Simply everything will be different. I can imagine it.”

“But nobody has returned from afterlife yet! Life is ended with birth. And what else… life is just a big suffering in darkness,” claimed the disbeliever.

“No, no! I do not know what the life after birth will look like but in any case we will see Mother and she will take care of us.”

“What? Do you believe in Mother? So tell me, please, where is she?” the disbeliever baby laughed.

“She is everywhere around us, she is with us and she is responsible for our life here. We would not be able to exist without her,” the believer baby answered.

“This is so stupid! I have not seen any Mother so it is clear that she does not exist.”

“I cannot agree with you. Sometimes when everything around quietens down I can hear her singing and I feel her stroking our world,” the believer baby said.

“The fact that you feel strokes and voice is nothing more than the law of nature of this world.”

“World cannot do it itself so beautifully. Just listed to these songs and you will hear how Mother calls us with love.”

“What is love? We get on well here and that’s enough for us. As for me I feel well here and I do not believe in life after birth.

“Yes it can be enough to live just moving in darkness but I speak about the time when we will be able to see the light, when we will be grateful to come into the new world and will cry in front of Mother because we would have been a cause of troubles for her. Think yourself, it cannot be true that Mother takes care of us for us to die after birth, can it? I am sure that our real life will start only after birth.” And You?