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Sa'id ibn Aamir Al-Jumahi

Submitted by Marjana on Sat, 10/05/2014 - 00:34
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Sa'id ibn Aamir al-Jumahi was one of Prophet Mohamed noble companions. His story is a story of a "Poor Amir", the governer of Homs, who preferred the pleasures of this world to Hereafter. Are you interested to know his story?

Is Hijab an Islamic Duty?

Submitted by Marjana on Mon, 02/09/2013 - 13:21
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Some people say that hijab is not an Islamic duty. Those who hold to this opinion claim that there is no direct commandment about covering head in Quran. Here is, probably, one of the best explanations of verses about hijab by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi.

Ali's Advice to His Son

Submitted by Marjana on Sat, 31/08/2013 - 10:53
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The following is an excerpt from the text Mukhtaaraatul Adab (مختارات الأدب) which was taught to last year's Dream students by Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda. Ali advised his son, Hassan:

The Ruling on One Who Abandons Pray

Submitted by Marjana on Wed, 28/08/2013 - 14:33
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"I am a Muslim. I was born in an Islamic place and my parents are Muslims. But I do not practice Islam. Why? I think the most important is to believe in heart." Doesn't it sound familiar?

Egypt. Looking into the Soldier’s Heart

Submitted by Marjana on Fri, 16/08/2013 - 00:24
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“They gave him a bath and dressed him in a uniform and then handed him a gun. “And now you are ready” they said. “Ready for what?” said my grandfather. “Why, ready to go and shoot,” they said. “And who am I going to shoot?” my grandfather wanted to know.

Right Eating in Ramadan. Food that Benefit and Food that Harm

Submitted by Marjana on Wed, 10/07/2013 - 00:20
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The fasts of Ramadan can improve a person’s health, but if the correct diet is not followed – can possibly worsen it! The deciding factor is not the fast itself, but rather what is consumed in the non-fasting hours. To fully benefit from fasting, a person should spare a great deal of thought to the type and quantity of food they will indulge in through the blessed month. Overeating can not only harm the body but it is thought also to interfere with a person’s spiritual growth during the month.

A Good Example of Muslim’s Behavior

Submitted by Marjana on Fri, 15/02/2013 - 18:15
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It was one of winter evenings in Russia. I was sitting in a minibus taxi when an old lady around seventy years old entered the transport. Her clothes was poor and I noticed that she looked worn to a shadow. She started speaking to the driver of the bus. I could not hear well what they were speaking about as I was sitting quite far. But I noticed that the driver was a Muslim.

Prophet Muhammad in Western Thinkers' Viewpoint

Submitted by Marjana on Wed, 13/02/2013 - 15:48
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Clarifying the gloriously religious merits and values of Islamic revolution is one of the cultural necessities of the contemporary era. Undoubtedly, being aware of the borderless horizons of sacred purposes of Divine prophets and knowing their immaculate behavioral style and life is one of this precious knowledge.

Islam Condemns Terrorism

Submitted by Marjana on Tue, 12/02/2013 - 22:39
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Islamic Morality: The Source of Peace and Security Some of those who say that something is done in the name of religion may, in fact, misunderstand that religion and as a result, practice it wrongly. For that reason, it would be wrong to form ideas about that religion by taking these people as an example. The best way of understanding a religion is to study its Divine source.

Imam Abu Hanifa and the Atheist

Submitted by Marjana on Thu, 07/02/2013 - 23:33
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Long ago in the city of Baghdad, there was a Muslim empire. On one side of the River Tigris were the royal palaces and on the other side was the city. The Muslims were gathered in the Royal Palace when an athiest approached them. He said to them, ‘I don’t believe in God, there cannot be a God, you cannot hear Him or see Him, you’re wasting your time! Bring me your best debator and I will debate this issue with him.’